‘‘ Books are not man and yet they are alive. They are man’s memory and his aspirations. The link between his present and past, the tools he builds with. ’’ – S.V. BENET

The mind, like the body, needs to be nourished. For the mind’s nourishment, reading is essential. The library of the school is a spacious hall providing the children a collection of books and journals of all subjects. The books are classified, labelled and catalogued to help the child find the books easily. The students are encouraged to make good use of the library where the reading hall provides a conductive atmosphere for reading, for reference study and reflection.

The students are acquainted with its layout and the regulations governing its use, to facilitate reading, studying and research. The students are issued library cards and are trained to use them to access the books. They need to borrow and also to return them before the stipulated date. This inculcates a sense of responsibility not only with regards to returning the books in time but also to treat the books with care.


Vivekanand English medium School owns 4 Bus-vehicles, which move in different directions to the taste of the stakeholders in and around our area. About 10 people work in this department under the designation of Drivers and Cleaners and they maintain the vehicle to the best of their ability and take care to follow the instructions of the road and the traffic rules in general.

Extra care is taken to see that the child is carried into the bus and taken down from the bus at the respective stops .

Vivekanand English medium School provides transportation facilities for students. They have to register their names with all the details of boarding and alighting points etc. Maintenance, fuel loading and meter reading of the vehicle is regularly recorded.

Leave taking of employee is well maintained and care taken substitute for smooth working.

Computer Lab

The school believes in keeping pace with the advancement of technology and so has provided for computer laboratories, which cater to each student who has an individual computer to work on. Over the last few decades, the computer has gone through several evolutions of computing models from large mainframe computers to personal computers and client-server based models and now to internet computing. We have no guarantee what kind of technology will last in the next 5 years, as knowledge in this field has expanded so fast every new discovery becomes obsolete in months to update and cater to ever demanding scenario of the computer world. We have a strong team of professionals from the field of computers to guide the students and to update them about the latest changes in this field. We also have a multimedia theatre stocked with reference books and compact discs of the interest range to all ages and classes. Seminars and workshops are organized from time to time.

Math Lab

India has made what was probably the most important contribution in Mathematics be it the number system to the base ten, the corresponding numerals and a simple method of making calculations with them. Concepts that seem abstract are taught keeping in mind the students are encouraged to develop interest and love for the subject. Various concepts from fractions to decimals from geometrical figures to thermo analysis are all dealt with in an easy way to orient the students towards a practical experience. Students are encouraged to make their own models and charts to project how well they have assimilated the subject.

Science Lab

Science has provided mankind with the means to bridge long distances and to understand the mysteries of the world. The school has a science laboratory that caters to the needs of students and facilitates easy learning and understanding of the subject. The spacious laboratory is well equipped and fulfills the demand of each student to translate theoretical knowledge into practice. The school believes in encouraging the students to practically experiment to learn the subject and not to just memorize without understanding. The students can easily access the laboratory and they allowed to carry out the experiments with guidance of the teachers who could act as a catalyst in this search for knowledge. The curiosity of the child is to understand and the need for him to know the truth is encouraged, as we believe there is a scientist in each one of them

Music Room

Basics of playing Tabla, Piano, Harmonium etc. instruments are taught.

Modern Gym

Our School believes in “Health is Wealth” So a well developed and facilitated gym is available for students & staff .Gym is open during two sessions morning and evening .Students find it very useful for keeping themselves fit and healthy.

Health & Medical

A regular medical & health check up is conducted under invitee expert doctors by school.Besides in emergency a reliable medical facility is provided to a needy student.

Guest Lectures of doctors regarding personal hygiene and health are arranged to create awareness among students.