The Great end of Education is to nurture rather than discipline the mind; to train it to use of its own power rather than fill it with the accumulation of others”

School education is the continuation of child’s mental and psychological growth. Learning begins from the moment the child is born. Schools will only provide the structured learning and hence promotes child’s overall growth. However the school has the greatest responsibility of facilitating child’s learning and progress from one stage to the next. We are committed in providing our students the breadth of learning and range of skills. Every individual is unique. Every student is blessed with one or the other skills. Some may be intellectually brilliant, some may be emotionally sensitive. It is the challenge for the school educators to understand each child and help him/her accordingly so as to facilitate their learning and progress.
Present generation has the access to huge bank of information. A child can explore anything related to his/her interest with minimum efforts. But it is important for the schools to facilitate their learning. It is the collective role of the parent and the school to help child imbibe values in them.

In this fast paced world, the role of education becomes very crucial as it requires to mould a child into an individual capable of contributing by effectively not only to society but also to the world community at large. Children today must be encouraged to think, rather than merely to remember facts.
We are striving to give responsible citizen to the country. We are here to help our students get equipped with necessary skills to take the challenges of ever progressing world. We are confident of setting higher standards every year.


Mrs. Surekha Pravin Mistry

VEMS Chopda